Are You a Police Entry-Level Applicant?
Don't Go it Alone

How to Pass Your Police Entry Exams and Oral Boards

Experts are Available to Help You Prepare For Your Entry Level Applications, Written Exams, Oral Board, Polygraph and Pre-Employment Assessments so YOU will be HIRED in Law Enforcement!

Also Available - Personal Coaching and Seminars - hire the EXPERT in police oral interviews to prepare you for success!

A police officer position is too important to you, and exams and job opportunities come around too infrequently, to be left to chance. To come out number 1 on a police agency's hiring list, you should seek out the help and advice of experts in the field.

Are you unsure of where to start? Have you been rejected for a police job, or not even made it past the written entry exam or the police employment oral interview? We offer the help YOU NEED!

Your first step is to utilize the knowledge and expertise of those who have spent their entire careers in police work and been promoted repeatedly, have written and designed entry level and promotional exams, oral boards and assessment center exercises, and who have helped THOUSANDS of police applicants and entry-level candidates just like YOU achieve their police career goals!

There is no doubt, if you are serious about achieving a police entry-level position, you should look to the experts to help you prepare. If you want to know how to get hired in law enforcement, you need only utilize the the resources and links found on this web page! These experts are versed in the areas of police applications, police entry level written exams, police applicant oral boards and assessments, and written police entry level assessment center exercises.

What Just a Few of Their Clients Have Said About Their Entry Level Police Testing and Coaching Services ...

"The ELPATA package I purchased was the reason I did so well on my application, oral boards, written exams and being 
hired by what considers to be (at my time of employment) the top paying police department in the country.
I was one of about 1,000 applicants. I had no prior law enforcement experience and North Las Vegas was the first and  only police department I had ever applied to. I was one of seventeen people hired out of the 1,000. 

The investment in the package was well worth the pay off. The services provided by are a hidden treasure."

Nick Monreal, of Arlington TX - quoted with permission.

"Just a note of thanks. After reading your materials I passed my first interview and then the second interview for a 
Regional Police Department in Canada. For each interview I carefully reviewed your materials and felt my confidence grow. I had an edge thanks to you. I have now been offered (and accepted) unconditional employment and start this Monday."

Erin Madill - Canada (quoted with permission)

"I would like to thank you for aiding my preparation in becoming a police officer. If you recall, I sent in the ELPATA - you scored and prepared an analysis for me which I truly feel was a tremendous help.Your materials and books have been far superior to any of the other police employment books you can purchase in a book 
store or online."

Ryan Johnson - Indianapolis, Indiana (quoted with permission)

"Your book, "Confessions of a Hardass", has been an incredible help to me. I live in Las Vegas, and I tested for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department last year with little success.

But after I received your book, and put its principles to use, I scored a 97 on my very first oral board (with Henderson PD). I then scored a 94.6 on Metro's B-PAD, and a 96 on their oral board. I am currently on both Department's hiring lists near the very top (Fourth with HPD, and Eighth with Metro).

This last week I received conditional offers of employment from both departments. I owe my success to you and your book. Thanks for helping me prepare and pass those interviews."

Matt Zobrist - Las Vegas, Nevada (quoted with permission)

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